Holga Invasion: Diana’s Counter-Attack

Sign-Ups: July 1st-8th 

Rumble Time: July 9th-Halloween

Final Submissions: Nov 30th 

With the release of Ugly Beautiful Vol. 1 and the promise that Vol. 2 will be released in a much more timely manner, it’s time to consider a second season of Ugly Beautiful.

This year, following the theme of working with what you have, it’s time to turn to our friend the humble toy camera. Specifically the Diana and Holga. For this collaboration we will ask our participants to take up either a Holga or a Diana and create the ugliest beautiful images they can! But what’s a collaboration without a little challenge?

Yes, this will be a competitive collaboration.

Team Diana vs. Team Holga.

We will split the members into two teams and using either a Holga or a Diana they will have to turn out the best images they can, and participate in some mini-challenges along the way. At the end of the challenge, a collaborative zine will be published with the results of our work. 

Challenges will award trophies, those trophies will go towards the team score and earn them prime pick of the pages they want in the zine, and the cover image. This year’s zine will be a larger, A4 affair if possible due to the larger size of the formats.

To take part, we are going to collect peoples information about what camera they might already own, so to take part, just fill in this form below –